The GIFT Community Outreach

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Greater Impact Faith Temple-The GIFT Church’s mission and goal is to commit, connect, and collaborate with the community to provide resources that will benefit the community and surrounding areas in their spiritual and overall well-being through community outreach, collaborative efforts in providing food, toiletries, and clothing, and connecting with other organizations and churches to meet those needs.

Our collaborative efforts support and partner with King of Judah Outreach lead by Rev. Charles Copeland who operates in conjunction with The GIFT Community Outreach. 

We also extend our collaborative efforts with Now Faith LLS Home lead by Rev. Sharlene Stroud who graciously supports and partners with The GIFT Community Outreach with the same common goal of meeting the needs in the community and surrounding areas. 

Not a Wing but a Breast is an additional collaboration to support women who have survived, been affected by, or diagnosed with Cancer. Lead by Ellana “Shelley” Daniels McNeil, a survivor and current diagnosis of breast cancer, the goal and mission is to provide prayer, resources for financial support, and support group encouragement to these women to give hope and strength on their healing journey. 

Community Service

Join us in monthly ventures to support community organizations that provide needed resources to families in need!

The GIFT House

The GIFT House will be a place that provides: Hope and Healing, On-going Help, Understanding family needs, Support in Seeking Resources, and Encouragement in the Word of God

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